The most common question we receive from new dog owners has to be – ‘What food shall I give my dog?’

There is a huge debate in the dog community nowadays in regard to the best dog food one can give to their four-legged friend.  Raw feeding is becoming more and more popular.  Nonetheless, from experience, we noticed that most people still find the convenience of dry food too appealing.  It is true, raw feeding requires A LOT of extra input into preparing meals.  We know this, as we ourselves have some of our dogs that are raw fed, and we know the amount of research and time we have to put into preparing meals that are nutritionally balanced for our dogs.

all the nutritional benefits of raw feeding, with all the convenience of dry food

Following this, once we came across this relatively new technique of cold-pressed dog food, we were immediately intrigued.  Here is why:

Cold-pressed means the food is cooked very quickly for a few seconds at low temperatures of 42°C – 47 °C, without the use of high temperatures or steam. This unique method allows a lot more of the essential nutrients in the ingredients to remain intact, producing a more natural product.  The final product is very similar in consistency and handling as kibble or dry food.  Thus it has all the nutritional benefits of raw feeding, with all the convenience of dry food.  All the heat-sensitive enzymes, fibres and natural aromas and flavours are preserved, producing a food with greater digestibility and nutritional value.

Once we stumbled across this revolutionary new ‘type’ of dog food, we were immediately intrigued. We researched different suppliers that were willing to work with us to introduce this product in the Maltese market, and we were very happy to start working with CobbyDog, from Yorkshire, England.

The above links provide answers to all the questions you might have about cold-pressed dog food.  We are sure that once you are done reading the above articles, you will be as excited as us!